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Welcome to ProTren, your trusted source for precision probiotics, available exclusively to licensed healthcare professionals and their patients. Our commitment to offering a diverse range of precision probiotics, not found in stores, underscores our dedication to enhancing client retention within your practice.


At ProTren, we recognize the uniqueness of each patient, as unique as their individual fingerprints. To address these distinct needs, we provide a selection of precision probiotic powders and capsules meticulously crafted for the patients under your care.

Founded and led by probiotic pioneer Natasha Trenev, President of ProTren, our legacy stems from a rich family history of producing the most beneficial yogurt, cherished by the royal family of Yugoslavia for over 750 years. Natasha's extensive knowledge and experience have significantly contributed to the evolution of the probiotics industry. Graduating from UCLA in 1970, she spent a decade in research, culminating in the development of the first revolutionary method for producing a scientifically validated, single-strain probiotic bacteria product. Natasha's efforts played a pivotal role in establishing the entire globtal probiotics category.

Testimonials speak volumes about the effectiveness of ProTren:

"In my opinion, ProTren is the best quality, most effective probiotic line available."

Al Czap, Founder, Former Owner, and CEO, Thorne Research (see Testimonial tab for the full statement)


"ProTren is the quintessential health component that we incorporate into our patients' healing protocols."

Dr. Sunder, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Karma Doctors & Associates, Adjunct Professor, Southern California University of Health Sciences, Assistant Clinical Professor, UC Riverside School of Medicine

"ProTren provides such a great service to the medical community and to consumers at large. ProTren probiotics are unquestionably the highest quality of any products on the market. ProTren probiotic formulations are intelligibly conceived, clinically tested, and they have the most stringent quality processes in the industry."

Chris D'Adamo, Ph.D. University of Maryland School of Medicine, Assistant Professor Department of Family and Community Medicine Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, Director of Research Center for Integrative Medicine


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We understand your unique needs, and that's why we've delivered exclusive professional formulations and clinical branding. For any questions, comments, or further details on our precision probiotics, please reach out to your dedicated ProTren Account Representative. ProTren - where precision meets probiotics for optimal health.