ProTren Probiotic Stories


"In my opinion, ProTren is the best quality, most effective probiotic line available. My wife Toni had a one-year bout with major G.I. issues and we tried every probiotic company from A-V –including individual and combination strains. ProTren was the only truly effective line that helped her. I receive no remuneration, free product or benefit from endorsing ProTren in any form whatsoever, and, in fact, have never endorsed any company or product before in my 35 year history of preventative medical work."


Al Czap Founder, Former Owner and CEO, Thorne Research

Al Czap Founder, Former Owner and CEO, Thorne Research
aggi Rao, MD, FRCPC

"I am a board certified dermatologist who serves as the Program director for the Dermatology Residency training Program at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  I am also the Founder and Medical Director for the Acne Clinics of Canada. I have found your probiotics to be extremely helpful as an adjunct to many medications I currently use to combat skin diseases.  I applaud you for being a pioneer in your growing field and thank you for providing such quality products to the marketplace.  Our experience at the University of Alberta has been nothing short of stellar and we will continue to use your probiotic products to assist in the care of our patients."


Jaggi Rao, MD, FRCPC
Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine Dermatology Residency Program Director, University of Alberta

Mark H. Mellow, MD Medical Director

"I believe their commitment to excellence and product reliability is unsurpassed in this industry. I am pleased to recommend their products to my patients and colleagues."


Mark H. Mellow, MD
Medical Director, Integris Digestive Health Center

"Without your range of probiotics I am absolutely sure I would not have built such a strong practice.  My patients demand results and often times after seeking help with many other clinicians without finding a good result.  I refuse to use anything in my clinic that cannot give me the best result...No matter what the problem your probiotic range is always among the foundational prescription to get my patients well and keep them well."


Dr. Alan Profke
Naturopathic Physician, Australia and Vanuatu, Past & Founding President of the Queensland Naturopathic Assn Fellow Member ANTA (Australian Naturopathic Association), Profkes Naturopathic Clinic Pty. Ltd.

Dr. Alan Profke, Naturopathic Physician