Shipping and Manufacturing

Thermally Controlled Vertical Manufacturing

Vertical Manufacturing means we own and produce our own probiotic products


ProTren is an experienced probiotic manufacturer that produces its probiotic supplements in its own state-of-the-art production facility in Westlake Village, California, USA. This facility maintains a proprietary full-culture and freeze drying process to preserve and nourish potent probiotics.


Our temperature and humidity controlled facilities undergo rigorous testing to meet all current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs) established by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).



Probiotics are ALL that we do. Our seasoned technicians and management have hands-on control over the probiotics from the initial culturing steps through bottling and shipping. We are able to offer a level of focus and expertise that can only come with over three decades of continuous probiotic cultivation and production. With this focus comes a special care and determined innovation to deliver the most remarkable probiotic products available.


Thermally Controlled Custom Shipping

ProTren Intelligent Probiotics contain living bacteria; like most bacteria, they can be weakened or killed by prolonged exposure to moisture or heat. The bottles are each bubble-wrapped, not only for insulation but also to provide a moisture/freeze barrier between the probiotics and ice packs, then they are packaged carefully with air-bags for further protection during shipping.


A vital feature to shipping ProTren probiotic products cold is commercial grade, gel, ice packs and dry ice (when necessary in the warmer summer months). All of this is contained in a polystyrene layer within a cardboard outer box providing significant insulation from the outside environment.


Finally, the boxes are shipped on a strict shipping schedule (overnight or second-day air only) to optimize the speed at which they are delivered. We are so confident about our thermally controlled, custom shipping that we offer a 100% potency guarantee of each probiotic strain through the printed expiration date. That's the ProTren way of packaging and handling with the ultimate care.